2021 Goals and Things I'd Like to Do.

March 6th, 2021 | Non-Fiction

Goals are good things. They help us aim at something, instead of wandering into the same repetitive day over and over again, an endless wall of reddit threads and battle royal games and the exact same chipotle order four times a week and watching the office on loop even though you aren't even watching it, the sound just washes over your apartment and the video plays to a ghost audience sitting on your couch.

Well, okay...maybe goals don't really actually change any of that stuff, but I want to read more books, dammit. So I make goals.

Here are my 2021 goals, more to be added as we go, none to be removed:

Run 2021 Miles
Well, this is certainly ambitious. 2021 miles comes out to about 40 miles per week with a few off-loading weeks built in. Of course, I wasn't at 40 miles per week to start the year, and I've already had to take off a few weeks to nurse various body parts that already said they have had enough. I like this goal a lot because I've never even run 1,000 miles before, and here I am, like some armchair asshole saying "oh yeah, I'll run the year, no big deal." I like that, I want to be that armchair asshole, but I want to be the one who actually does it.

Read 52 Books
Oh, wow. How typical. I feel like everyone I know who reads and does these sorts of year-long goal things has "read 52" as a goal. One book a week, bada bing bada boom. Nice and clean. I am already drastically behind on this one. I'm about to finish my 3rd book of the year and I should be finishing my 10th? Lots of reading to do. But then again, that's the point of the goal, innit?

Listen to 104 New (to me) Albums
A friend of mine told me he was trying to listen to 52 new albums this year. Even though it's presumably a fairly common (and easy?) goal, I had never thought of it before. I like it a lot, so I've decided to double the amount so it's two new albums a week, on average. I've also decided to review/barf my thoughts about the albums. I'm also very far behind on this one too; I'm noticing a pattern here.

Write and mail 52 letters
Okay, "52" is an annoying number. Remember when Marvel did the "New 52" or whatever and they restarted all their comic lines? Or was that DC? I don't know, I don't read the comics, I just pretend I do when I talk with my friends.

I haven't even started this, the idea of writing a physical letter and mailing it to someone I know is terrifying. Not because I have trouble necessarily writing things, but like...what do you write in a letter to someone? Doesn't it have to be somewhat evergreen material? I'm not going to talk about the pizza I just made in a letter. At least I don't think I'm going to. But then, what? What do I write? "Hey dude, we text almost every day, but I wanted to write this letter to force you into an outmoded obligation" ?

This goal is dumb and I hate it and I am behind on it.

Meditate 50 Hours
Okay, finally. No more 52 bullshit. Mainly because I chickened out? I don't remember why I put 50 instead of 52. Let's just call it 52.

Meditate 52 Hours
There we go. I think I'm actually on pace for this one? I'm probably slightly behind, but just by an hour or two.

Perfect Attendance The Weirdy Wordy
This is way more specific and arguably not worth it, but I'm going to try to publish a new issue of my weekly newsletter every Wednesday this year. So far, so good. If you're reading this, you should sign up for it. It's a fictional newspaper for a fictional town and it's got lots of weirdness in it.

This list subject to expand. See you in December where I shake my head in disgust at how naive all these goals ended up being.