Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Crust

The Finality of It All
You're the last part,
the sharpest end,
a curled up reminder
of an old friend.

I don't remember when I realized,
that I had run out of pizza but
the crust lay in my hand and
there was nothing let from the Hut.

"It's the best part" someone said,
it's true, but it isn't.
I love you because you're strange,
I love you because you're different.

Let me go now to find my people,
my search continues to the day,
let me go now to eat a few more,
"no thanks, I have crust" I'll say.

New Friends, Old Crust
Someone said to me,
"Why do you only eat the crust?"
and I looked at them
and didn't know what
to say.

I mustered something in me,
"The crust is the last part
that most people eat,"
I said,
"It's the forgotten part,
the least flavorful,
the final offering from
the pizza gods."

They laughed and then
l o o k e d
at me like I was

But you're the crazy one.
You don't even eat the crust.