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Thu, May 27

Tue, May 25
vegan donuts
cheeseless pizza

just keep writing stuff down. put it on paper. this is brick making. you don't build a wall with the idea of a brick, you build it with actual bricks. make dem bricks you asshole.

Mon, May 24
"a bunch of hucksters hucking their huckery"

Shrill - Season 3 Episode 6: "Sorry"

Fri, May 21
Ah, to be 23 and have everything figured out. Boy, I miss those days of being stupid.

Real updates and things coming soon, I just became fully vaxxed and I'm going to all the vegan places I can and eating donuts.

Sun, May 16
What was the last place you went to for no reason pre-pandemic? Like just a "I'm gonna go here and check this shit out" type of outing, not groceries or seeing your parents or whatever.

I'm struggling to remember where it was for me. None of my photos help, I saw my parents and my in-laws in Feb 2020, but I didn't take a lot of photos either way back then, so I don't have anything until like December 2019 for just a quiet adventure.

I'm sure a lot of us are feeling a renewed sense of "I'm gonna go out and do this thing" about all sorts of tiny little things we were putting off previously. I hope I (and everyone else) can harness that energy to make our own little worlds better places full of positive shit, good books, good coffee, and justice for those who need it most. Masks are about to be abandoned here, let's not pretend like the pandemic is over and let's not pretend like the world is a perfect place because of it.

Sat, May 15
Hello, good morning! Help yourself to a bagel and a coffee and take a seat. Feel free to catch yourself up before the presentation begins.

Fri, May 14
Some final housekeeping on the site update: The previous format and content has all been archived, so nothing is gone forever. I'm unsure about collating previous blog posts into a new monthly blog bucket and archiving it, at least for now. Could be a rainy day project of some sort, but right now it's not worth the effort to archive posts like "Hey, the Masters is on, read my post and go watch it for 4 days."

All my fiction and non-fiction posts are now located under "featured writing" and each one has a standalone post, as per usual. In moving everything to the new format I decided to drop a few cringe-inducing posts, like the Help Wanted one and the From Our Family message, etc. Nothing that I'd consider "core" content of the site.

Unfortunately, the random quote generator did not survive the site redesign. May she rest in peace.

While I was going through all the old posts, I was able to revisit self-despair and social media and it was nice to see how my opinions on social media have pretty much remained the same, but how I've also figured out a way to utilize the technology to promote things I create. From the post:

"So, do I accept my fate and sign up for various social media accounts and play ball? ... I don't know. I know I need to figure out how to get people to read my stuff, and I know that I think social media is a fakery of our current existence and extremely destructive and just churns out garbage more and more than anything on Earth. I guess I'm struggling how to manage these two ideas together..."

I wrote that a few days shy of two years ago. There's a lot more important stuff going on other than how to get eyeballs on my weird words, but at least I was able to reconcile how I'm going to interact with social media for the indefinite future without getting sucked into the vortex. Yay for very, very small victories.

Thu, May 13
You ever have like 10 pages left in a book and for some reason your brain just creates an isolation wall that prevents you from ever having any inclination to finish the book? Asking for a friend, who is reviewing a book for another friend.

Tue, May 11
I've been side-updating the new format of the site for the past few days, so you won't see this update until it's already a few days old, but that's okay, I'll wait for you to catch up. I'm fine just chillin' here drinking my coffee.

I liked the previous format of the site but there was a lot of manual updating of multiple different pages to get all the different link directory and archive things to work correctly and the entire thing was running on JS loads and every single post I ever made was visible on the index page creating this avalanche of content for no good reason. Sure, a lot of that was just my fault for not designing things well, but hey, that's why I'm changing things up now.

I've been reading Autin Kleon's blog for a while and I really like how his blog feels like a digital version of a commonplace book. I keep a txt file on my computer that I open and use similarly on a daily basis to keep all my notes, funny things, quotes, interesting links, etc. archived for myself in one big, gigantic file. I've decided I'm going to try to make this how I use the blog going forward, albeit with a bit more focus on preventing it from becoming a super tall unwieldy thing.

So the new format will be that the current month is continually updated with new posts directly onto the main site page, kept in order newest to oldest, and at the end of the month they will be archived and indexed. I like the idea of indexes, they're a bit old fashioned, but they also work and they walk the line between ease of finding things while also allowing for serendipitous discoveries, which is another thing from Mr. Kleon that I'm borrowing/stealing.

Mon, May 10
Hello and welcome to the first entry of the new blog format. I know what you're thinking, "wow, another fucking format change? Why? Who cares?" I agree. I agree entirely.

But anyway, this is the new format going forward.