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JUNE 2021 [Archives][Index]
Sun, June 20
my brain: don't be a piece of shit; edit the ear rat submissions, finish that damn book, work on your newsletter more.

also my brain: haha rich white guys hit tiny ball into tiny hole

Thu, June 10
A friend of mine in town has been trying to get the two of us together to play some tennis. I like tennis, I like my friend. I should have no problem facilitating this.

The only problem is that I don't have a racket at the moment. I think I threw it out in a batch of minimalizing whatever hunks of garbage out of my tiny apartment, but honestly I have no idea. It's not in the hall closet, and it's not in my car, therefore it does not exist.

I went for a run today, just a 6 miler to get some spring in the legs and start my day. Around mile 4 or so, sitting in someone's pile of garbage to be collected was a tennis racket. I stopped, looked at it, looked up at the house, then back down at the racket. I gripped it in my left hand, pulled it out from the pile, inspected it quickly, and then continued on my run.

Right around there, a tennis racket was bestowed upon me.

I ran home the next ~2 miles holding a racket in my left hand, which probably looked a bit odd, a bit funny. I texted my friend, "I have obtained a racket. Let us play."

One man's trash, another man's trash.

And so, we shall play.

Tue, June 08
Yes! Ear Rat Mag's deadline is one week away. If you've been toying with the idea of submitting something, go ahead and submit it. We only turn away stuff that is really bad, so you probably have nothing to worry about. Probably.

Full submission info available here.

I wrote this 100 word thing for something else but they didn't want it, so now you get it:

"been having trouble setting up my printer for the past week. i need to print out a form and bring it to the DMV to prove i'm a real human and not an AI that exists inside a self-driving car. when i talked to the person over the phone i asked if the phone call we were having at that moment was proof of my humanity. they said that phone calls were just their own things, like letters in the mail or candy wrappers littering the streets. none of them prove you're a human, that's what Form JU-31 is for."