War On Women - Wonderful Hell
Artist: War On Women
Album: Wonderful Hell
Released: October 30th, 2020
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Length: 41:36
Label: Bridge Nine
Date Listened: March 11th, 2021
Mike's Rating: Pretty good.
March 13th, 2021 | In My Ears
How I Found This: I was listening to the Punk Hotlist on Youtube and the title track from this album came on. I liked it, so I decided to listen to the whole album. Crazy how the algorithm just works sometimes.

Stream of Consciousness While Listening:

CHOO CHOOOO all aboard.
That guitar riff.
Aw yiss, whoa, wait. Wait. The lead singer reminds me of Zack de la rocha for some reason. Maybe it's the delivery of lines reminding me of certain rage songs.

This is the type of punk where everything feels like it sucks and nothing in life matters: perfect.

I think this song is about killing someone's husband? Or some dude.
Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em already kill 'em.
(this line is definitely gonna be stuck in my head, I can tell already)

Okay here we go. These guitars man, damn. Just banging this shit out.
"We give you milk but you want blood."
I definitely need liner notes or something, these lyrics are heavier than I can hear.
"Consume and suck and eat and fuck" sounds like cringey edge-lord blog posts but it works from this band.

And then that shit just ends in like one second, damn.

Distorted/sounds backwards looping type intro. Big fan.
Every guitar riff that comes on I just feel like the guitarist is furiously strumming their guitar, covered in sweat, endlessly playing their guitar forever, trapped in hell.
Oh! This is Wonderful Hell!!
Aw yeah what up chorus.
This shit will make you slightly bop your head quietly in your apartment like I'm doing right now (huge compliment.)

It's like a nightmare circus that the band controls.

Let's raise some hell x4
I can't hear and interpret all the lyrics (because I'm dumb) but I wish I could, because this song is awesome.

This land is your land, etc.
Oh no.
Oh my god it literally like slows down and loops.
This reminds me of the T2 song's intro.
There's that guitar. My thesis about the guitarist in hell playing forever still remains.
"You can't lock up everyone to keep us safe"

"I can't help ya if you love to hate"

Little electronic outro thing, reminds me of techno spookiness from a movie I saw once, or might've made up in my mind.

"Money, death, repeat"
"Shoot, kill, repeat"
"We politely request you get your boots off our necks" hahaha I love this.
"And if the bastards grind you down, become a diamond and cut them all" holy fuck yes.
Oh yeah I really dig this. I just did like the both hands up in the air thing during this chorus.

This next song started sort of slow and quiet and then the guitar comes in just strumming fast as shit and I feel so sorry that the guitarist is fighting demons in hell and has to play forever.
The lead singer now kinda reminds me of that one band Saosin? I think? She kinda has a voice/style similar to that dude's style now.
"So you just read a book, and all those big words really took" - War On Women coming right after me, I see.
Oh what, the song just like changed entirely halfway through. Awesome.
"Hurt people, hurt people" like that old cliche you know.
(It's not really a cliche though it's just true)

And then the lead singer is probably singing about how fucked up the world is and how we need to violently destroy the power structures that exist but I can only understand like 65% of the lyrics.
"They fucking knew, they fucking lied, we can't fight back, if we all die."
(Has the lead singer been reading my diary?)
"They're gonna try, try to bury us in the ground but we were seeds" hey I know that quote. It's by some other person!

This song is pretty much just listing all the things we judge women on, ie, "but her husband, but her latte, but her mouth, but her experience" etc. Accurate.
I think she's listing out female politicians now? It's hard to hear, there's still the music playing.
Live feedbacky noise static outro, yes.

"The rapist is you"
whoa that was a super short song.

The music in these songs is just so fucking raw and amped up, I love it.
"It's all just a matter of time"x4
The guitar melody just matched up with the vocal melody in a solo and it was amazing.
"So you wanna burn it to the ground like there's no coming back from this, ya fucking quitter"
Vocal solo - so good. Wow.

Here we go. Last song. Longest song of the album.
Slow building intro.
Here we go.
The guitarist thought their fight was over. But the fucking devil himself just walked up ready to fight.
"In a small corner, of my body, there is a demon who lives"

"There is a source of a river inside me" what, I love that.
This thing still trudges on, that guitar just ominous and thumping.
It's like sad and scary at the same time, what is the word for that?
"Press your hands right here, you just might feel him"
Overlapping vocals, gives a sort of endless quality to the song now.
Oh yeah here we go. Guitars just woke up.
In my head the band just fought the devil and the lead singer broke out of the devil's body and they're all fighting the devil now, in hell, forever, together.
And this guitar riff is going to pull us out of hell, burnt to a crisp but still beating.
It's quiet now.
Just drums.
Now nothing.

Neat Little Summary Thing: The feminist/leftist agenda runs throughout the album and provides the backing to rock the fuck out while maybe feeling a little uncomfortable that you might be the problem the band is trying to "solve" via violent means. There may or may not be an undercurrent of a band of heroines in hell, fighting demons. But that also may just be the reality for women in the actual world, too. Shit sucks.

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