The Chats - High Risk Behaviour
Artist: The Chats
Album: High Risk Behaviour
Released: March 27th, 2020
Genre: Punk
Length: 28:08
Label: Bargain Bin
Date Listened: March 26th, 2021
Mike's Rating: Fuck Yeah
April 22nd, 2021 | In My Ears

How I Found This: I was listening to a Youtube auto playlist based off of this video of Jeff Rosenstock and AJJ absolutely slaying 16 cover songs and the song Smoko by The Chats was on the list. I thought it was both hilarious and awesome. Naturally, I looked them up and found their full-length album.

Stream of Consciousness While Listening:

WAKE UP IN THE MORNING haha yes this just starts out rippin.
It's a stink up!
"Fuck it" and then the guitarist smashes out some ridiculous solo

Welcome to The Chats, enjoy your stay.

I can't understand anything this dude is saying/singing.
Relaxation, mood alteration, boredom leads to intoxication!

Each song is just like a quick little 2 minute banger, its own little story and then right on to the next one.
This song is like "I went to the clinic" "Doc said I got the clap (he's got the clap!)"
and then the band claps haha.

I was paying for drugs on the internet, I was feeling invincible with my VPN
- These guys can see right through me.
This song is about some guy hacking into the singers computer and stealing his money, watching him on his webcam, and then coming to his house.
And it rocks.
The thing these mates do best is ride the line between rocking out and just being ridiculous and hysterical.
IDENTITY THEFT x10 or something, just yelling it at the end. Awesome.

This song is called "The Kids Need Guns"
And it has an absolute banger of a guitar section in it.

Dine N Dash, do the Dine N Dash.
Any restaurant, any time.
Haha this is so stupid and great.
I don't know how to explain this exactly but I feel like if Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life created a rock band, The Chats would be it?

All this song is about hanging out at a pub drinking some beer and then being hungry for bar food.
If this doesn't entice you to listen to The Chats, nothing will.
"All I want, and all I need, all I crave is a good pub feed."

Also every song is so short and intense, no time to get comfortable and sink in. Just keep fuckin' rippin' dudes.

They've called themselves a "grub" several times and I have no idea what it means but I know it's not a great thing to be called.

Heatstroke starts with drums, then bass comes in, then guitar comes in.
This is gonna be good, I can feel it.
Heatstroke! x4 GO!
Like literally, the song is about a guy having a heatstroke, haha.
You never have to really wonder about the songs these guys play.
If they had a song called like "Pizza and Telly" it'd just be about them hanging out eating pizza watching TV.
And that's why they're awesome.

4573, what does that mean?
Long intro, especially for them.
Oh yeah now we're goin'.
Hahaha the chorus is just them yelling "45, 45, 45, 45, 73!" hahaha
These guys are awesome.

Do What I Want has this amazing little guitar solo part with a tambourine in the background.
And then the guitar changes pitch/tone (I don't know musical things) and it just builds up into a squeal.
And then back to the chorus - "Don't tell me what to do!"

Better than you ends the album out.

Neat Little Summary Thing: If punk songs are supposed to be speedy little riffs about regular life that make you get amped, then these dudes are exactly what you want in a punk band. Their longest song on the album is 2:51. No time to listen and try to interpret poetic lyrics or metaphors, The Chats don't have time for that. Life is short, let's drink some beer and party.

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