Touche Amore - Lament
Artist: Touche Amore
Album: Lament
Released: October 8th, 2020
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Length: 35:56
Label: Epitaph
Date Listened: February 9th, 2021
Mike's Rating: Not bad!
March 4th, 2021 | In My Ears

(Author's Note: Hi, welcome to my new recurring feature for album reviews that I'm referring to as 'In My Ears.' This is related to my goal of listening to more new music in 2021. Instead of doing a traditional, long-winded (and well-researched) review, I take notes during my first full listen of an album and provide them here. That's it. Enjoy.)

How I found this: My friend Pat texted me one day, "Hey, I think you might like this album." That was pretty much it.

Stream of consciousness during listen:

Starts out with some guy yelling in a warehouse, like a murder scene.
I've heard this voice before? Is this like new screamo or something?
Murder screamo.

Okay so first track, pretty good. I dont know what I was expecting but it's harder than I was expecting.

Reminds me of TMP a bit, but like the older brother of TMP, just in sound. Like the older brother of TMP who works at UPS and smokes a lot of cigs and drinks a lot of coffee and has weird friends.

Did this dude just say "I'm a sparkling diamond?" because if so, aww shucks hun.

This shit just like moves. There's a certain aggressive sweeping sound about this, wrapped up in like yelling in a warehouse emo.

I need reminders is catchy, reminds me of like a breakdown Days n Daze would do, with like the male + female harmony or whatever.
But this isn't folk punk, this is a band in a warehouse screaming for help emo.

Okay this song reminds me of like a dude coming to a small western town with business to settle with his six-shooter.
I don't really think that's what the song is about but I can't really understand the lyrics because I'm kind of stupid, so this is def what the song is about.
Dude just said the cavalry moves in for the kill like five times, this is def a song of wild west revenge.

"Worn down but I imagine, this uniform stays in fashion" HOLY SHIT IS THIS ACTUALLY A WILD WEST MURDER SPREE SONG??

oh hey, it's Andy Hull, this song automatically fucking rips.
Oh man this like medley with Andy and lead singer, yeesss boiiieee.
This is a banger.
I could run uphill to this song with nothing left in the tank and this song would get me there, no doubt.
Quiet outro, I mean it's Manchester Orchestra so of course.

There's some kind of like undercurrent guitar on "Savoring" that I like, but I can barely hear it because everything else is yelling at my ears

Ah, I see we now are in the song about dealing with the repercussions of the wild west rampage we had earlier.
"Oooohhhh" in the background, yes I dig it.
This guy's telling some kind of basic sad story or something but it doesn't matter, the instrumental break is great.
Here we go, yelling time.
Seek redemption for your sins, gunslinger.

"I'm a shell, of my former self, can you tell, when I'm panicking?"
I mean, that doesn't rhyme at all at the end, come on man.
Slow down time, with still yelling, but quieter yelling. Like it feels like the lead singer is on a crane and is just lifted up and down away/closer to the mic to make him quieter or louder, but he's always just yelling all the same.

Oh hey, these drums sound erratic and wild, I like it. Have I just been tuning out the drums this entire time?
Oh hey it's that distortion of a voice that sounds like it was pre-recorded, like on a tape or something.
Cool I like that.

Piano? What.
Closing up shop, time to go home everybody. There's been a horrible multiple homicide in our old wild west saloon/modern day industrial warehouse, and it's time to clean up everything and go to bed.
Most of these lyrics are meta, I think? About the album itself? Maybe not, I'm not smart. But like, who cares? This feels tacked on and weak. End the album with something strong,
Yeah boy just yell whatever, who cares.
Just play the instruments and yell words, that's music baby.
Something something in the rain. Good night, album.