Hot Mulligan - you'll be fine
Artist: Hot Mulligan
Album: you'll be fine
Released: March 6th, 2020
Genre: Pop Punk
Length: 31:14
Label: No Sleep Records
Date Listened: March 13th, 2021
Mike's Rating: Not bad!
March 18th, 2021 | In My Ears
How I Found This: I was listening to some kind of punk playlist on Spotify, maybe the Skatepark Punks one while I was playing the newish skateboarding game "Skater XL" on my friends Xbox One that he loaned me well over a year ago. I remember hearing some song by Hot Mulligan and thought "hey, that's...that's pretty good."

Stream of Consciousness While Listening:

Opens up with that like guitar melodic math rock emo thing or whatever that people do now. I like it.
Whoa listen to this dude's fucking whiny yell sing voice, I love this already.
It might be because I'm extra tired at the moment but this song just reminds me of better days. Better days are when I was a depressed, ugly, fat, broke student with no friends and no one who loved me. Maybe those weren't better days. But this music is good.

His voice reminds me of someone else's voice, but I can't really pin down who. Oh well, that's showbiz, baby.
These songs are catchy, the guitars play these tight little chords while the lead singers voice turns to a gravely mess that you can still mostly understand. As always, I can't interpret the lyrics in my brain because I am a dumb boy, but the general vibe I get from the song is someone is saying fuck you to authority, which is all I need.

It sounds extremely polished, but by design doesn't sound fake or forced. It's just like they said "we're gonna do our thing and do it perfectly."
Ohhh talky breakdown, here we go:
"Hiding deep in some depressing little hovel in the background"
Xylophone appearance?
Yeeaahhh oh-oh-oh-oh-oooohh. Group chant, yes. Let's do this.

I have a hard time calling this "pop punk" but I guess that's what the genre sounds like now? If I heard this in 2002 I'd call it emo, but "emo" back then just like swallowed up a lot of rock and punk music.

This guy doesn't scream awfully, it's like a subtle screamy whine, mostly he's actually singing, and it sounds good.
These guitar tunes man, hot damn. They move swiftly and feel like they've been cut down to exactly what they need to be, nothing bigger than it needs to be.

Dueling guitars here with the rhythm and lead guitar, so good.
I have this vision of these guys playing on a tiny circular stage that should be too small for them but somehow they all fit together on it and are totally unobstructed by one another.
Everything just works together perfectly and feels so developed.
Also there's a dude screaming about how he still loves you secretly, I can get behind this.
"...but I can't change the way I am."
"You're gone and I wasn't there."

More math rocky guitar playing, I don't know what that's called exactly. It's like they're playing piano but they play it on the guitar? It's good. It works.
Slower song, more prominent guitar right up front.
Pretty sure I heard a xylophone again.

Intro vocals started as like regular talky/singy thing, says one line like that, and then the very next line he's back into that screamy singy thing haha and it's just awesome.
Oh damn he's yelling during this song, what up dude.

I'm really struggling to hear the exact lyrics but you can feel the emotion put into the vocal performance.
Wait, there's two singers? Oh fuck.
I have no idea who does what now.

I wish I knew the words because these songs would be perfect to scream the lyrics out as loud as you can while awkwardly half-jumping and punching the air in your apartment.

Pretty sure I heard "ghost" "college dorm" and "hope you never sleep" in this song, and that's about all I need to understand to know I like this. I am a simple person.
A lot of these songs, this one included, have like a 20 second mini-breakdown near the end of it and I approve.
"Trying to tell you, but you're always asleep, that there's a difference between saying you're trying and doing anything"
Oh this is definitely like more poppy than punky. Sounds like electronic drums and it's just like super catchy.
WHOA mini guitar breakdown and then right into like full on pop shit. I actually love it. High tempo, really good. Fuck yeah.
It's not like - I wouldn't say this is like "storytelling" in the traditional sense you'd think of a singer-songewriter or whatever who used to "tell stories in their songs" but there is definitely a sort of memoir quality to the lyrics here. It's a story about you and your life and everything that went wrong in it and you're just trying to keep things going and you've got like a quarter tank of gas and six bucks in your pocket and that has to last another two weeks. I don't mean this song specifically, but the whole album overall. But also this song.
"Things don't get better, just different."

Last song. Slow. It's an outro, basically. Oh fun, the title of the song is "The Song Formerly Known As Intro"
Okay there we go, there's some real drums and guitar.
Going out swinging, just like the every song on the album.
And done.

Neat Little Summary Thing: I'd be hard pressed to point out the difference between songs on the album, a lot of them sound generally "the same" but I don't think that's a negative. People always say "all the songs sound the same" like it's a bad thing, but what if you happen to like the way the giant collective song sounds? I listen to a lot of my fav songs on repeat, listening to a whole album of one of my favorite songs would be dope. Hot Mulligan's sound on this album is tight and fast, with intense vocal performances and sick little guitar riff melody things that will keep you slowly nodding your head with enjoyment.

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