Giving Up, Giving In

April 27th, 2021 | Blog

So I tried this "I'm gonna update 3x a week thing" for, I don't know, a month or two now? And it isn't really for me. The majority of the updates just become these little blog nothings, and only because around 8:00 or 9:00 I realize "crap, I'm supposed to update something today" and I don't really feel like I'm making anything good each week because of it. It's just obligation at this point.

So I'm gonna shelf the Tue/Thu/Sat update schedule indefinitely. I like to think I'll still be pretty active with updates and such, they'll just be a bit richer and deeper, more full-flavored, sexier, dangerous but in a fun way, uglier, grosser.

I'm still making and sending out my all-fiction newsletter The Weirdy Wordy every Wednesday at 1:00PM est. That's enough of an "obligation" type of writing activity for me, for now at least. Also, it's kinda good? You should subscribe. It's free. Smash that subscribe button, suffocate it. Don't let it up for air, just keep holding it down. Look away, don't look into its eyes. Shhh. Shh, it's okay.

Other Things

I released w r i t t t e today. I had this idea 3 years ago, made the template, and then never did anything with it. I actually found it in my backup HDD by chance the other day. I don't expect it to be anything ground-breaking in any way; it's just a place for me to write dumb little nothings out for fun. I've missed writing dumb little nothings.