Scoops and Typos

April 17th, 2021 | Blog

So who's blog do you gotta follow to get anything done around here, anyway?

New Ear Rat Theme dropping next week, keep an eye out for it soon. Get those pencils sharpened and those ink ribbons...uhh, inked?

I'm working on a new review for The Reading Project. Any of you inclined to read books and think/write about them thoughtfully afterward should check out their contributions page and get to work. If you haven't reviewed a book for Reading Proj, are you even really a Neocitizen? (No)

Pretend this sentence was something witty or poetic about how hard running for no reason has been on my body for the past 4 months.

It's Saturday night and nothing can stop that except Superman flying around the Earth really fast and changing the direction the Earth rotates. Night folks.