Falling Apart in the Woods

March 30th, 2021 | Blog

I run mostly the same streets during each run. It can get boring at times, always running the same areas just looped around differently, but it also allows me to adjust on the fly. "Oh, I feel pretty good and it's cooler than I thought it'd be, I should do an extra 2 or 3 miles. Let me run down to the end of this road and go left instead of right, I can loop back around and that's an extra 1.8 miles." Etc etc.

This one stretch of road has a sidewalk directly next to the woods. It's a small stretch, maybe 1/4 mile in total, but it's literally road, sidewalk, WOODS. There's no path through the woods at all and if you go further in you would eventually come across a pretty sizeable creek, so I don't generally go through that particular stretch of forest, despite my love of nature and nature-like things.

When I run past this section on my way back, I've noticed an Amazon box sitting in the woods slowly (very, very slowly) decaying, sitting upwards with the "smile" showcased perfectly. Each time I go running by it, usually near the end of an hour or two hours of running, I always see the box and think "ah, that'd be a great photo."

I finally managed to get out there and take said photo, but it was hard to frame it right, and it was further away than I realized, making my puny default 18-55mm basically useless, in terms of grabbing something "good."

But sometimes all we can do is accept that something we tried didn't go super well, and try harder next time. Notes for the future.

Anyway, here's the photo. You can use it for whatever, just give me that sweet, sweet credit: