Assorted Thoughts

March 25th, 2021 | Blog

Getting stuff done, as it were, is hard work. I've been running a lot more - 36 miles so far this week. It feels good. I often find myself becoming delusional with grandeur about it; I often think "ah, this is incredibly important, me running on the side of the road at a very modest pace." It usually doesn't last very long, thankfully. I get grounded pretty quickly and go back to the proper default attitude, "none of this matters and neither do I."

Maybe one day I'll do some kind of running that matters, but even the stuff that matters doesn't really matter.

In Other News

I'm considering adding a few categories of things I make onto the site - comics, photos, etc. I took the podcast posts down, but you can find the podcast itself here if you're so inclined to listen to something that's like a year old.

I'd like to continue the podcast as it were; it gives a fun different medium to talk about the same old topics I usually cover: total ecological collapse, our inevitable doom, coffee.

It's Thursday and no one can take that away from us. Let's get to that weekend.