Or Is It Pronounced "Yogging?"

March 23rd, 2021 | Blog

I went for a run today, my third in a row, and felt like I could go forever. It was hot, I was sweating, but it didn't matter. Something in my legs has finally woken up. Doesn't matter if I'm pounding the uneven sidewalks with big lifted blocks of cement poking upward from the strength of mighty tree roots tunnelling below them. Doesn't matter being fully exposed to the mid-day Sun, beating down on me, punishing my gothic-white skin. Doesn't matter if I don't have a body designed to run far distances.

I'm out there. Plodding along. Step step step step step.

In other news: How do you continue a story that was about a town collapsing into anarchy with gangs of marauders wandering the streets? Asking for a friend who runs a fictional newsletter/newspaper.