Man Make Fire

March 20th, 2021 | Blog

I have been thinking lately about "consumption within a bubble." The idea of watching some sort of media and then simply not reading any reviews or talking to anyone about it, etc. Purposefully not allowing other opinions to sway your own feelings about the piece.

Though I can't specifically recall them, I know there have been a few instances of greatly disliking something upon initial watch, only to be swayed over by people who saw things I didn't or by various opinions of people, etc.

More notably, and more to the point I'm interested, I also have had the exact opposite situation happen to me: I enjoyed something on it's own, without any prior knowledge of how it was being received, and then was later swayed to dislike it after reading other opinions and such. I think this concept is really fascinating, how you can enjoy something purely on its own when its just you, but then when everyone else hates it, you stop liking it too.

Maybe this doesn't happen to anyone else and I just am easily won over by arguments random people on the internet make. Who knows. I will expand upon these thoughts in my typical overly-personal and mostly-useless essay format sometime next week. Until then, enjoy the weekend friends.