March 16th, 2021 | Blog

There is a (relatively mundane) movement within the running community of "streaking" or "run streaks" or whatever various iteration of the term you want to use. No, I'm not talking about getting naked and running around, although that certainly has its time and place.

I'm talking about people who run every day, and make a "streak" out of it. Some folks say one mile at any pace counts, some one mile at a minimum pace. Some two miles, three miles, five, whatever. Some say weekends don't really count, some say you get a certain amount of "pass" days to use during a streak. I've never tried a run streak, mainly because I'm a coward. I don't have the guts to start it up because I know myself. For me, the streak would be every day, no exceptions, 5K each time. And while if I used this as a minimum run every single day, my weekly mileage total would be less than my current schedule, the thing that scares me most is the endless nature of it.

You're running today. You're running tomorrow. You're running a month from now. Is the 27th a Monday or a Tuesday? Doesn't matter; you're running. There is no break. No end.

In a life where things happen and I get lazy and I get busy with no warning and I need to write things and I decide to bake a loaf of bread but it goes wrong and I get pissed about it, so I scrap the first loaf and spend the rest of the day experimenting with different loaves for several hours, the idea of always having to run is a lot less fun than deciding to run. The streak itself scares me because you can't "win" the streak, only lose it once it has begun. And make no mistake, at some point, it will end.

If I'm such a legendary runner (I'm not,) then why can't I just run every day?

This idea has been bouncing around my mind for a while now, but today I had a slight relief: I streak a lot of things that I never even think about. I've been "streaking" a cup of coffee for, well I don't even know how long, but there's always coffee in the house, and I'm always making a cup in the morning. It's not always good, it's not always enjoyed, but it always gets made. There's no thinking, no dwelling, not even laziness about it, regardless of how much effort it may or may not take depending on the method.

Making a cup or two of coffee and running 3+ miles aren't at the same ends of the effort scale, sure. But maybe that's the whole point of trying to go on a run streak, right? To get something like running X distance every single day closer to the guaranteed side of your daily activities. Maybe after long enough I can morph myself into the type of person who thinks of a 5K and a cup of coffee in a similar way; just another thing for today.