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March 11th, 2021 | Blog

Some of you may have noticed a new fiction piece I put up, a short called Henrik's Twelfth. This was part of a creative challenge series that myself and a friend have started up just as a way to make more things and have some accountability. Patricio, the friend in question, is a musician and he makes some very cool tunes.

You might have not noticed that I also snuck in a previous fiction piece, back-dated to February titled 21's in Outer Metro. This was the first creative challenge, and at the time I was considering abandoning this site in favor of a different one, so I had posted it originally elsewhere. But fear not, Strange Crust survives onward indefinitely.

Asking the Important Questions:

I'm glad that I have an outlet like my newsletter to dive into meaningful topics like this. I mean, really. Who wants to deal with teeth all the time when you could just have a tiny chainsaw in your mouth?

Like a List, But Harder To Use

This week I tried making a big graphic in GIMP of some weekly productivity/creative goals I wanted to map out and achieve. I spent probably two or three hours just making the initial image because I am bad at drawing things, I've never done this before, and I actually tried to use the practice to reflect about how I wanted to spend my time this week. Here's the chart as it stands at this moment:

Don't click this, the full image is unncessarily big.

I actually have enjoyed using it so far. It reminds me of using a notebook, but I can also copy + paste instead of re-drawing the same things, or cut things quickly, resize, etc etc. I'm sure graphic designers and people who are, ya know, actual artists and such take advantage of these features all the time. I'm a bit behind the times in that regard.

I like how I can visually tell what things lack priority, at least in my creative scope. "Did I shitpost on Reddit in a weirdly fictional way today?" "Nope!"

I also like to move things with an arrow instead of cleanly cutting and pasting them over during the week. It lets me know that something came up, or I got lazy, or writing fiction stories is dumb and I hate it, but I still intended to work on that particular thing. Red slash mark means I did the thing. Let's give a big shout out to red slash marks, fuck yeah.

I'm going to go for a walk because it's awesome in NJ right now (and always.) See you over the weekend for some more stuff in my ears.

P.S. The Quote Generator is broken on certain pages of the site! Bummer, but I'm working on it.