Death to Other Websites?

February 11th, 2021 | Blog
I don't really have anything interesting here to write. I always feel like I should try to keep the blog and/or the site updated with things, but I don't really do things anymore. I'm slowly collapsing inward, my routines firmly cemented in as this never ending lock down marches on forever. It's gonna feel weird going out into the world again some day. I'm lucky in a whole lot of ways and I still just feel crushed into the dirt.

I have a lot of books that have never been opened. I just can't seem to read anything lately. Or for 6 months. Maybe even longer than that. I can read articles from a few news blogs and whatnot that I follow, no problem. But my current book sitting on the table next to me, fuck that. I will never open that shit. And yet I want to. Drained. Drained of all motivation to sit inside my own head and interpret words into hallucinations.

I registered a domain for an "official" website or whatever. I'm going to start using that, I think. Or at least pretend to use it. I don't know if that's the spark I need or just me trying to fool myself. Probably the latter.

Au revoir, for now.