2020 Year End Wrap Up

December 31st, 2020 | Blog
So, Ear Rat #2 released yesterday. I'm super stoked with how it came out, and excited to see more little ear mice running around in the future. Thanks again to everyone who contributed. Super thanks to Llama for all his hard work, without which the mag would just look like an ugly wall of text.

I also published the first edition of another project yesterday: The Weirdy Wordy on Substack.
The Weirdy Wordy is the fictional newspaper of the fictional town of Oddland. If you like this first issue, subscribe and tell your friends, because a new issue will release each week on Wednesday. Or until I burn myself out.

I wrote some other fiction things that currently don't have a home. I'm going to shop them around to some places and if no one wants them, then Shiitake Worsthand will have some new fiction content soon. Win Win.

* * *

In other news, we're on the eve of 2021. To say 2020 was a shitshow feels like an understatement. Getting through the year at this point is an accomplishment worth celebrating all on its own. Still, it's good to look back on goals from the beginning of 2020 and see how badly I did:

Miles run: 403/1500
I ran a bunch this past month and was able to get my yearly mileage to 403, which felt good. But otherwise, this was a failure. I bought a treadmill in...March? April? We were legitimately scared to go outside, I didn't want to stop running, so we bought a super cheap treadmill. I used it, but then when it got really hot in the apartment, I just couldn't stomach it. Wind resistance plays a major role in helping you cool down when you're running, being indoors eliminates that entirely, and I would overheat after only four or five miles. It was so bad that I was running 25% slower pace and still sweating out pounds of water after only a few miles.

So after a few hundred miles I just stopped.

And then I said fuck it and started running outdoors again while wearing a mask and avoiding every other human outside. It works nicely. Hopefully I can keep this going and get some real miles done next year. We'll see.

Meditation Time: 9 Hours, 4 Minutes/30 Hours
At a certain point in the year all my good habits just collapsed. I like to do silent, unguided meditation with no set time limit. Doing this as early as possible is a great way to center myself for the rest of the day, and it makes me feel better on average than if I haven't meditated. I'm stoked that I did 9 hours this year, but it's not even a third of my original goal. I'm sure a lot of folks found meditation in response to the pandemic, and that's rad. I just was not able to sink into it at all. It's been over 2 months since I've meditated. Bummer.

Books Read: 17/52
In keeping with the general theme of "the pandemic sapped literally every ounce of motivation I had in me," I barely read anything this year. It's embarrassing, honestly. This makes me really uncomfortable to look at. Man, what a failure.

Miles Biked:?/500
I had pretty much intended to sell my car this year and bike around everywhere. That did not happen. My bike is now sitting dismantled in the backseat and trunk of my car, which itself is currently inoperable due to a dead battery. Not that it matters much, because we don't go anywhere really, but still. This one doesn't sting as badly as some of the other ones, though. I think this goal was mostly trying to force myself to be a biker more than I am, and well, it just never really stuck.

I'm not going to do a whole "here's my 2021 goals" thing, they're pretty much the same as my 2020 goals just amped up, because I'm stupid. I think just making it through the year is gonna be another achievement worth celebrating for all of us.