Runnin' Again

November 5th, 2020 | Blog
Some quick thoughts on going for a run while wearing a mask, for the first time in four months:

- Okay, let's just run slow (10:00/mile) and ease back into it
- Okay yeah, that's not gonna happen because 8:30/mile is my "old slow" pace and this feels good
- Wow, I missed running through the neighborhood, this is amazing
- Mask isn't too bad, and I'm still in shape somehow? How far have I run so far...
- Wait I've literally only run .1 miles so far?
- Is it just me or is it slightly harder to breathe
- Oh my god why did I do this
- Slow down
- Seriously, slow down
- Why do hills exist
- This mask is trying to kill me
- I'm never doing this again
- I must be at a mile already
- Holy crap I'm only at .55 miles
- Just keep going (and then this repeated over and over until I made it back home from the loop)

Welcome back, running. I've missed ye.

In other news: