Someday Someone Gonna Steal Your Carbon

October 7th, 2020 | Blog
Every day this week, my to-do list has included "go for a run" on it and every day this week, I moved it along from one day to the next, ultimately resulting in tomorrow being Friday with still 0 miles run. Of course, I'm not truly "going" for a run, but running in place while a magical flap of rubber spins wildly below me. This is the running I want to do not because it's fun in any way whatsoever, but because it's the quickest and safest route to getting myself back into a shape where I can do the fun stuff.

Because that's the ultimate goal here; run the fun stuff. Running outside all over town is fun. Running in the park is fun. Running on trails is fun. I still don't really feel super comfortable with the notion of running outside, but I figure if I keep as far away from all other humans as possible, and keep a mask in my pocket for when that's not possible, then everything hopefully will be fine.

Now to just get the motivation to get some fake magical rubber miles under me so I don't completely crap the bed outside.

In very slightly more successful news, I wrote and submitted something to a little literary blog of sorts. Their whole shtick is a gimmicky type of entry I had wanted to do on here at some point, but put off from my own laziness until now. I figured since this site was calling for submissions, I might as well contribute to it. Of course, the morning after I finished editing my piece, I noticed a new article on their site that had the exact same 2 or 3 humorous beats to it, which makes me think I will be rejected.

That's fine though, just gives me another thing to post here. It's not leftovers if you've never seen it before.