Goals, Things

September 28th, 2020 | Blog
runnin 'n' coffee 'n' podcasts 'n' books 'n' writing 'n' beans 'n' more coffee 'n' making a new weekly plan at the beginning of each week and watching how it very quickly unravels and i become a lump of uselessness.

the fall weather makes me want to go on long runs outside but outside sucks right now. i'm contemplating waking up before first light and running very early in the mornings, with a mask either on the whole time (though that seems not fun) or with it stashed in my pocket to use when passing by/near other folks if there are any out there that early. i never thought getting any outside time would be something i considered "hard" or "risky" or "fuck, why" or anything of the like, but here we are, 2020 baby.

Season 1 of The No Happy Nonsense Podcast returns from our definitely planned 6 month long break next week
[Editor's Note from 2021: LOL, No. This did not happen.]