2019 Summation

December 27th, 2019 | Blog
In 2018 I ran a total of 822 miles.

In 2019 I ran a total of 819 miles. Fuck.

I had big goals this year, namely breaking the 1,000 mile mark at minimum, ideally getting up to 1,500 miles for the year. I'll run once or twice in the next few days to "beat" the 2018 total, but overall it was a disappointing year for my running. I failed to finish my big 42+ mile race in October, and I didn't really run any other races the rest of the year. I skipped the post-Thanksgiving trail run that I did last year, and really haven't been running at all since October. If I ran the same amount of miles this Oct through December as I did last year, I'd be over 1,000 miles in 2019.

Oh well. There's always next year.

On that topic, I'll probably post something in a few days with my resolutions and all that jazz. I'm a big believer in resolutions; when you really sit and reflect and create good, challenging goals for yourself I think they are meaningful and useful. I've never been able to complete all my resolutions in a given year, but I have been able to radically change parts of my life and I'm better for it.

On a more fun note, I've read 43 books so far in 2019 and plan to get to 45 by banging out my current book and then blazing through the last one for the year. Can I get to the fabled 52 books next year? We'll see, we'll see. Happy whatever days and merry new year, 2020 will be fun.