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OCTOBER 2021 [Archives][Index]
Wed, October 20
My creative efforts have been trapped for the past few weeks, entirely stuck on trying to come up with the name of a new website. Faithful readers know that I have a thing with names. I've changed this site's name a few times now (five? six times?) and each name change came with either a total redesign of a very deep reformat.

And of course, I'm still not content with the name and I'm looking for a new one. I have the motivation, or at least I think have the motivation, to write stories & reviews, make videos, doodle weird stuff, and generally just make "content" or whatever. But the name has completely locked me up. With no name, no content.

What's worse is that it's been on my mind a lot. Quick moments of downtime: thinking of site names. Out running: thinking of site names. Sitting in an empty room thinking of site names: thinking of site names. It's endless. I'm thinking of site names right now, while I'm writing about thinking about site names. Is this some leftover recursion thing from Ear Rat?

No, this is site names.

It's an endless continuum of misery, looping inside my brain with the same handful of words and phrases that are vaguely related to the site themes I have in mind. My brain keeps trying to rearrange the words in different sequences, hoping that eventually the perfect combination will click into place and my mind will go "ah, finally" and become at ease.

But this is not my mind at ease, this is my mind thinking of site names.